In most businesses It can be said that almost all businesses have birth rates and survival rates. The proportions are quite different. For example, in a province, there may be 100 new restaurants per month, but only 15 in the first year, and of these, 10 in a few years, this is just an example. out Not a statistic that has been referenced.

But you may notice it from around me by the word restaurants here, including carts, shops that rent space in flea markets These represent stores that are emerging. Because if it is good, he would actually expand. But most of them do not. Break up like this.

The next shop ratio is 5-20% *. If you look at 5-10 years, even the ratio is a bit wide. And there may be suspicion that the opening of 100 is only 5, or this part must be considered in some businesses. Being popular as a trend, there will be many new traders. But soon disappeared There are almost no other items like Furby, but the products are still out of favor.

If you say that Video rental shops, photo shops that have been discontinued, this group would not be considered normal. Because of having to stop by external factors New technology to replace But if you go back to the era of video Or film camera Also commonly used I think it’s no different. Examples of businesses that are considered normal are restaurants, coffee shops, massage spas, clothing stores.

(* I wrote this story on the page sirichaiwatt for a long time, over a year ago So I brought some other statistics and I accidentally listened to Rawit’s Mission to the moon podcast. So come share at the end of the appendix)

In some businesses that people may not be aware of, for example, my own training (staff training) is no different, just that people may not be interested. Notice that there is a new business opening Or shut it down like this, which I know because it is considered a person in the industry Would have to pay attention or observe

One thing is that business. Or the success of any person It’s just a thin line that says “Do you care about it?” That isn’t just “still doing it or not”.

That it’s just still doing If it’s a business, maybe it’s just not out of line. But if it is us As a matter of success, it might just have to be done for some reason, but it’s all just a stretch and just ..

Wait for the right time to finish it. 

Many businesses are just intent on And prepare to “start” fully, but there is no way to “go on” how to do it. And when you have to go from here I like it not beautiful story. Until that there were many obstacles Now that’s the question “Still caring about it?” No one asked us. And there is no one to think instead when encountering obstacles Or all those unattractive stories

I want to compare it in a certain angle. Like the intention of the people Things that are easily seen today are such as Health conscious When they care about exercising, many people are “ready to get started” or start something like the ones mentioned above. The strap goes there When running, it is tired, it is discouraged, it begins to have reasons to quit

Seem to be incomparable in that angle Business is not a joke, but believe it. There was a place that drew a picture at the beginning of my own business, not looking at what it would be like to continue.

“Discouraged,” the first word, and it started “real” more and more. It’s a negative story that is more easily spread than the normal good. And measure each other right here. Survive or not

If that instant, “before” decides to let go, let it go (reiterate that before), is there an idea that you still care? Or simply call it persistence, it might survive again Perhaps the answer is “In the past, not caring enough Or not really serious. “ Yes. People who have been able to do business for a long distance are eager for this. Because care is always there Makes discouragement difficult and also has a Mindset that is ready to find a way to get rid of the unattractive thing that comes along

The same business that happens a lot .. There is a chance of encountering bad things and obstacles as well, but still there. Just the more people who passed it, and the longer he lived He had to go through more and more. Yes, when did it run out? As for those who quit I just don’t want to break through What is it again … Which is often more than what we can see

This is the reason for being a survivor who doesn’t have to think a lot of strategies. I just think about how to keep surviving and believe that good opportunities will come or ideas will come by themselves. And it is often the case too ..


Statistics from the Bureau of labor statistics This statistic is specific to the business of the company. Not accepting the merger My conceptual statistics may seem extreme. But we must understand that because most of our small businesses rarely register the company.

  • 80% of small businesses The first year will pass.
  • 70% can pass 2 years
  • 50% through Year 5 possible
  • 30% go through the 10th year

Statistics on why businesses won’t survive from CB Insights

42% do products, services that do not require people
29%, cashflow service is not a loss,
23% do not have a suitable team Decent Not Good / Partners
19% Competitors Steal
18% Market Pricing and Cost Control
17% Bad Product (Bad)
17% Business Model Unclear
14% Poor Marketing
14% Ignore Customers (Feedback)

This information is obtained from listening to Podcast Mission to the moon again.


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