During this period, we will see the trend of big stores quit and no plastic bags, whether in department stores. Supermarkets and many more places Seen as news of famous clothing brand uniqlo (branches in Thailand still From where to buy plastic bags) and the latest with the announcement of 7-11 to be discontinued in 2020, namely next year, which will have a trial later this year.

This is undoubtedly a good story. But I have thought many times From being seen in the movies, various movies, from children to foreign supermarkets Usually give a paper bag People who go shopping just pant. Many scenes would have dropped, dropped, even pretended to carry these shopping bags. But inside is a gun

When watching the movie, I didn’t think much more. Why don’t you use plastic bags? It is a lot more convenient, so you can get hungry. (Unless you find a really thin plastic bag)

In the old days there was a lucky bag. 

Not long ago, one of the brothers I posted a paper bag that is a banana bag and wrote a caption under that picture that it had been folded for sale, I went to answer that, too, used to fold it for sale and recall that in the past, the store would give the paper bag we called That lucky bag With a message saying good luck with a star Or shaped like a fashion star or some other type, the other side has a square grid that can be used for playing checkers Sometimes it is a game of snakes falling stairs. (Nowadays, some people may not know), some do not write good luck, but write “Hello, but more popular is probably the word” good luck “because later we will talk about each other as” lucky bag “

Believe that one issue is In the old days, paper bags were likely to cost lower than plastic bags. In an age where labor is cheaper than machinery Factory is a center of “people” rather than “machines”. In the work, folding bags is not difficult for skilled workers. Or if there is a machine, the design is unlikely to be that complicated But engineering plastics may be tricky. Machine is very expensive. Including the cost of plastic pellets may still be high.

The toys were also made of zinc, wood, iron, and so were many other uses, perhaps because plastic was probably an innovation in those days. Anything that comes new is likely to be expensive ..

As you can see, things are all made of plastic. Or it contains plastic Plastic bags are used like salt lad. Although nowadays it is remembered that It is what pollutes the world. (In fact, there are many grades of plastics), but the business is, the cost reduction business is still more important. Anyone who uses a paper bag will easily be at a disadvantage in terms of price. Of course, consumers are used to it. Which may not be It should be called necessity.

At present, the current conservation is strong enough for malls to start a campaign to refrain from giving away bags.Most people have to accept Tops in my neighborhood, I have a choice – use boxes (from old boxes) for Gourmet Market stuffs. One day, although 7-11 is still giving away, but .. Makro hasn’t been around for a long time ..

Refrain from using plastic bags What about other bags? 

This trend is likely to increase steadily regarding the ban on plastic bags. I don’t have any problems with conservation but ..

Choosing “no bag at all” is the first benefit to anyone? One must understand that Hungry for bags, bags to deliberately go shopping It is possible, but many people may buy less. Even though I was a normal human being, I bought things, there were many shopping patterns, because I thought that having to go to buy more often was a waste of time, cost, gas, and travel expenses. Not just shopping for one thing, maybe going to eat too Or to look at other items that are not sure to buy, such as clothes, shoes, you have to carry those bags of yours Even if you have small children too .. Think about it, if you have to carry 4-5 cloth bags at a time ..

Then in case Buy it without planning?

A lot of times, we don’t intend to buy things. Honestly, I haven’t had any trouble with big department stores because nowadays, it’s like going to Makro (quite often), buy and put in the cart. And put it in the back of the car, but what about people who don’t have a car or have to take a bus? Well, I’m in a different province as well. Living in Bangkok may become that People will want to use their personal car to shop more, more cars with pollution?

I’m not saying Should not stop giving away plastic bags, but strange, I bought a type of plastic bag to use. To distribute items for doing activities The side of the bag says “Biodegradable” I bought this bag.

Including looking back Stop plastic bags Why didn’t you give out paper bags (still good)? Think again and I found that This increases the cost than plastic. And AI biodegradable plastic bags It seems to be more expensive …

Secretly thought that It is easier to choose to create a conservation image by pushing the burden on the shoppers. Story told Just to say that perhaps this policy should review that it is more conservative or cost reduction .. (The last seen is There is a sale of cloth bags. Instead of paper bags .. For sale, not giving away ..)

P.S. This is just an observation. Understand that in many stores, brands do not let customers carry things like Tops, and many parts use paper bags instead, such as uniqlo.


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