If you think you are doing business, you will not have this problem. Probably impossible, but believe in starting a business We tend to think of finance, product, service or marketing firstly. And most of them would have planned those kinds of things that one would forget that the problem was very big. Another problem of doing business business is that of people.

Today, it brings stories of problems from past experiences in many areas since work. Consultation Be an executive Including being a speaker May not be concluded at all Because write as much as you can imagine and compose But thought that it was enough to be considered And prepare to cope With the issue of “people” or “people” personnel each other as follows.

The problem of people to prepare for

1. Not knowing the job
may be suspicious as well. When hiring if you don’t know why, why would you hire it? In fact, there are a lot of them as well. In the ignorance of this work It could be said that it is the ignorance of duties. Or not working properly according to the process The priority is not. Right here when there is a problem He would not understand, he considered him to do his job. Where is he bad? But as we all know If the workflow is not No priority is Is no different from knowing the job Because of the impact of this Causing problems in the work process, coordination leading to the efficiency of the entire system, which is clearly damaged Certainly delayed

Initial approach

Should provide an orientation Because many are not so important Using a simple teaching system to adapt to each other, perhaps the teaching workers Still has a very bad quality Or don’t know the importance Where should the actual job goals be? Orientation should consist of two things: corporate culture knowledge. Corporate goals You should at least know what vision, mission is, alone, the word vision. With this mission Still can not distinguish at all, there is a second point is their duties must be clear, such as Job description, Procedure, Work in process. Working rules that many organizations do as “just have” by writing in the cabinet. And behave with flexibility and be flexible enough to blame him for not knowing the job I do not know the role, how do I know it is in the closet ..

2. Lack of motivation
or nowadays popularly say in the word Burn out is out of fire in work This is not difficult to find if you were a supervisor, an executive, even yourself. The cause can be caused by many reasons But the feeling will be like a state of exhaustion Too tired It can be caused by feelings of injustice such as our supervisor or us, making some decisions that make him feel biased. Employees will lose motivation, but another part that is the cause is Not accepting the system Or an incoming change Until making him dissatisfied with the work done But endure doing things like that, including feeling that too much work is going on

Must understand that Lack of motivation May not be someone who does not perform well, which is such a condition Some may come from having a burden. Or are interested in other things more than work, for example, people used to do a good job until they received more salary, more bonuses, and then went to build a house. Here, therefore, worried about building a house Because it’s a big deal Even if there is a problem with home builders Will clearly picture that At this time, there is a temporary lack of motivation for work, which may be said that these are “conditions”.

Initial approach

Therefore, when we look at this as a problem solving condition, it should be individual. Find the cause of each person. But if it is a whole department, which is possible It may be analyzed whether the cause of the system or the injustice. Until the department agrees There is a way against Must have to look at the overview of the work plan, work system, adjust some balance in the work Create new understanding

The other part is taking it to an Outing activity, planning your career path with a clear picture. The rewards may not be very effective, but there are Which of these may be the subject of the group. Or individuals who need to analyze each other

3. Relationships
which, if collectively, are primarily caused by prejudice attitudes and may have different origins. Beyond this example, and many times it arises from a single event, such as misunderstandings, misunderstandings, but partly due to the person’s behavior, such as an affair, not that relationship problems arise with a partner. only But the people around me at work who know about And not like what happened, can bully and hate any one of them

Another issue that occurs in many organizations is gambling, sharing debts, and overall money matters. That shouldn’t be done When cheating arises, relationship crashes. Even though these places are actually not related to work at all

Initial approach

It has to be adjusted individually. Having behavior dissolving activities can help build relationships. Including creating a corporate culture, clear rules, prohibiting borrowing money, gambling, playing lottery, playing, sharing, even relationship matters That would not be able to stop dating But if at any time there is a problem at work Put the blame on each other These are considered to be the power cut from the wind.

4. Government
that is not just caused by a supervisor Or management only But may arise from The organizational structure is not clear. The work system is duplicated until it seems that I do not know who will be a good boss. But, of course, the supervisor itself is also an important factor. Even as an executive Will see that this leader is good But if you think a little What is there for sure?

Initial approach

If it is the organizational structure Really easy to fix Just accept and fix. But if it is more difficult for the leader Because it is difficult to change To lower his level, it would be a waste of feelings for each other. Here, as an executive Must give a good weight between work and people if the organization is small It is possible that The supervisor has to work. But if the organization is large The supervisor must manage more people. Which, if appropriate, Should clearly allocate work and management. It is possible that if the organization is small We may use a voting method because it focuses more on the work than people. But the executive is the one who takes care of more people instead. And including time to find a boss Had to think about the management features of people care as well

There are many types of toxic pollution . Which is not about good or bad work, the type that works well is like one show, which is not so wrong in the beginning who work well. But want you to think like a football player Or other sports When it comes to being a good player, there will be times when he may show his talents, but not all the time to help the team. Or sometimes the team is in a difficult situation It may be necessary to do something as a whole, it will still do for the team. It’s not a solo show for myself, but in the performance there are genres that are self-surviving. Such outstanding self-sufficiency is a type of pollution. Because the team will not incentivize Like doing it yourself will not be as prominent as Which in most cases we want Not many good people. Definitely better than one person.

Another type of pollution that is clear is “ready to crash” more easily, not willing to cooperate with anyone who is easily offended, we believe we can remember. Like this, the working atmosphere is definitely bad

Some types that produce similar results are: Communication impairment This may not be just the type that is more emotional. Because some people are not upset, but are confused all the time. Difficult discussion. Like this effect as well

Some of the most negative attitudes, such as the daily arguing with the wife and the husband, the harsh insults we hear at work. 

All of them are not specific to general expressions, but in social networks it can make sense Because most likely Collaborators are often friends in these social groups. 

Initial approach

If there is an employee of the pollution type, it should be removed. This sounds mean, but it is not worth it in many ways. He might not fit here. And try to think that if he is happy (not a necessity) he is not. Which, if in necessity He could go to work elsewhere anyway. We can help him in many ways with a new job, too. But if you do not want to do this from the beginning in this era, perhaps before you accept to work There may be requests for viewing on facebook or social media first. Because these can lead to certain attitudes. But if this is solved with the person who really is this pollution Must go down to the knot in the mind that he has any problems Many people may think that it must be this size? Which is true I read somewhere that I found There were cases where he was sent to see a psychiatrist. Then returned to be better

6. Ice Berg
These icebergs. Remind you of a real picture of icebergs that, by their nature, are hundreds of thousands of years of formations that are difficult to melt. This is a representative of one type of employee. It is difficult to do the same things that are difficult to change. It seems to be good, but the business today has to change. Although for the most part, this person is considered beneficial to the company. Because they have lived for a long time until they are used to it, so it is for this reason as well Which makes you don’t want to change anything Working with new people is difficult. Age is a factor as well. In the way that they think I’ve been here for a long time, what do you know?

Initial approach

 You have to show the merits of making the changes, but if you haven’t or haven’t accepted yet It may need to be adjusted to be in a position that will not prevent the change and moving to it may be some pressure. When he was in another place and then moved away from the same place Maybe he will look back and see how many things have changed. If he is ready to join the guidelines He will change. As if the elderly today Adopt technology Because I saw that a large group And in the future they will go that way If not changed, may be left alone in the family.

7. Communication
is part of many of the problems mentioned. But it is considered to be one of the main problems Not quite that it was just personal communication. Or between individuals But communication problems in the organization have consequences, for example, executives have never communicated a broader picture. Or show visions for employees to understand Such as excessive abstract speech He may not understand Including not sure how to get involved with that

Communication between them, such as cross-departmental or traditional, causes some results to be erroneous. With the culture of each organization that may differ 

Use of technology Creating problems in this era Many places prefer to use Line as the basis for working communication. If we really understand the principles of communication, Line or sending messages like this Inefficient And too greasy People argue because the Line is easy. People who do not fight because they rarely use. Better call ahead Much sharper than in the past

8. System
What is a system? Or what is the problem from the system about people Here it can be viewed as a matter of human resource management, such as 3R’s (Recruit Retain Retire) universal principles, selection, improvement – development, retirement planning like these, if not properly organized There can be problems such as the first stage about selection. If there is a good system For example, the selection criteria, the interview process, these things, if done well, can screen the right people for the organization. Reduce the problem of people to a lot and even if the option is lacking in any area, retain will be used to help such as training, teaching, etc. Various benefits provided as well

One thing that I believe may have seen or heard is Received and come to work one week, it will not come. That means Our selection system is absolutely flawed. And for this The way to avoid the problem is to just step back and see if there is a good system for the different parts.

9. People who are good to go, new people do not
have this problem not only about “brain drain”, but when looking for more people or finding new ones is difficult. (In part, contrary to the previous one, it is rare, still has to choose a lot, the more the lack of it) This would not have to expand the commonality of what is

Initial approach

For part, we may need a generalism or a lot of things to do. Otherwise, there should be Rotation or rotation to learn some people in the organization. To solve the problem of lack of work when people leave Not as good as it is, but it can alleviate the chaos. In part, if it is a growing organization, these may not have much of a problem. Because with welfare And staffing (Some may not always tell) Knowing this. Being prepared is good. Find job recruiting sources Invest in employment agency services And the best is probably .. Motivating Let him stay with us for a long time 


All 9 of these verses as mentioned at the beginning May not complete anything in detail But most of them believe that Cover a wide range of problems Various businesses What should be considered Accept and plan accordingly. These problems have certain opportunities, more or less, one day or another, which is good. Knowing that I had to be born Until that time, it just solved. You don’t have to be stressed …


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