Believe it or not, many organizations There is a shadowy problem behind the “class” in the organization. Some places are obvious And became a culture But many that may be unaware Or know in an angle that the general management and staff only see that the “attitude” of that employee is not good.

Talk about it in a clear corner first For example, the bureaucracy with civil servants, government employees, permanent employees, temporary employees Initially, if you understand the motivation or pressure within the mind. Will know that there is a clear sense of class Since the name of the civil servant and the employee already ..

Would not be useful to talk about government matters But only for private It may be that the leader Or business owner Looking at the personal attitude like the above.

Attitude may also play a part. But more than that Is about building relationships Structure placement Even for small things like the position of the desk

However, when saying that many class people might think in the corner that People with higher job positions are prone to bias. Which is not always

In many places, problems arise from overlooked matters, such as the work environment. That caused “But together with the same group” is like a “power group” that is both power related And not related to work Employees outside the group are also difficult to access. Moreover, if there are some people in this prejudice group, it will make it more likely. Either not prejudice or bad attitudes everyone But when it comes to being a group that isn’t a team, it’s not difficult to have a resistance like that of a thug when there are many people who are brave. But when lone alone, it is in a mess

I am not going to say that the workplace style is a group to go to arguments. But this group may create a class. Discrimination And most human basis I don’t like being weird or being out of groups. As a result, people in the group have something to follow first. Because they don’t want to be strange from the group

The level of work that is said to be unrelated in terms of either higher or lower. That is not a case of dissatisfaction in a personal way. But is in nature The subordinates felt unfair and couldn’t do anything, or saw that the chiefs had the privilege of being born. As such, the chief will be another class. Not to be accepted into them

But it is generally in a manner where some power is involved, for example a supervisor is a close associate with a great boss. Chiefs who got along well with this leader It will be a group that seems more powerful than the supervisor outside the group. Even though by position The supervisor is the same ..

Another type is form. Or number of employees That makes it impossible to coordinate, for example, I have seen a company Most of the employees are architects, some are foreman or overall workers in the organization. It is indeed an architect who seems more entitled to vote in the company. And this company is not focused on production. But focus on design Operation staff Therefore, like a class that is clearly inferior in any activity together

With another, my cousin is also an architect. But the working company has a few architects and dozens of workers here. Because of what this is, believe that you can imagine it.

We all know Working in every organization What level of employees will be? In the end, there must be coordination and work together, which is the root cause of inefficient work problems.

Solution to the problem In addition to solving problems Look at the structure of work, collaboration, communication structure, even setting up a new workplace. Which is not just looking at the work But if looking at the relationship followed by Or may use For example, having outing activities, team building, or collaborative courses can help reduce relationship problems.

Or otherwise, they can be separated, such as in the hospital, the doctor is usually on the doctor’s office. Doctors always seem to have their own space, rarely have to deal with the rest, except that the assistant doesn’t sound as good as Abhisit But it is true And it helps doctors not have problems working in this corner with other employees. And no other part with the doctor as well ..

Problems on this issue, sometimes I go to lecture, the organization found problems at first. But we didn’t go into that problem. It cannot be helped .. Therefore write this article In case to share And create useful perspective ideas


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